Multiculturalism In Canada Case Study

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background that people think “certain ethnicity are superior to others” , so that is why we need multiculturalism to wiping out this kind of situation. What is more, Canadian society is benefiting from immigrants, such as economy and low birth rate issues. According to Peter Hall, chief economist for Export Development Canada “New Canadians have a natural advantage in their countries of origin markets because they speak the language, they know the culture and they understand how business works in their home countries” , which means the new immigrants not only integrate into the Canadian society but know well the culture which belongs to their homeland as well. It is beneficial because they can work for both markets, which leads to a big export …show more content…
Similarly, the economy will not shrink fast either. Thus, those measures are being taken successfully in Canada.
Meanwhile, it is clear that people want to stay, which is the most meaningful point of the successful multiculturalism. In the past, new immigrants who received high education in Canada would eventually go back to their original country . But things have changed now, because of the policy of multiculturalism, they realize they are accepted and they can have a better living standards here, which turns that new Canadians still go back and forth between their original country and Canada but they choose to stay and work for Canadian society, and this result is a win-win for both their homeland and host country . Another reason why people feel satisfied and want to stay is that, Canada doesn’t force immigrants to assimilate in their culture . Compared with America, they have strong personality and do not accept another kind of culture, which comes from other places. It is also worth to mentioning that European multiculturalism, which was or is a failure. Because of the World War II, Germany was lack a large number of

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