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The great boxing legend Muhammad Ali once said was “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Muhammad Ali was one of the best boxers there were because when he was 18 or 19 he joined the Olympic team and then winning a Gold medal by defeating the three time European champion Zbigniew Pietrzykowski. Muhammed Ali was legendary to boxing because of who he was, his accomplishments in boxing, and what he accomplished outside of boxing.
Their was a well known boxer named Muhammad Ali, who was known for being one of the youngest boxers to win an Olympic gold medal and also for his big success after the 1960s Olympic. When Ali was only 18 he made the Olympic team and beat the three time European champion Zbigniew pietrzykowski and that win got him his first Olympic medal ( Then After the Olympics, Muhammad won 100 of 108 fights he was in and he won multiple championships ( Despite being young, Ali proved that even though the opponent might be good you can be better than that person training hard. Ali even received the presidential medal form George W.Bush ( Ali was the first fighter to ever win the championship title three times ( Ali inspired young talent to go big win or lose. Overall, Ali was like a
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He won the national lightweight championship in 1959 ( Alie also won six kentucky golden gloves championships ( Despite being held back by the Government Ali still pushed forward and just kept on winning. After Ali retired from boxing he was elected for The Boxing Hall Of Fame ( Ali’s amazing boxing career was given the living legend award ( Then the U.S. Government apologized for banning Ali from some matches and taking away his championship. Overall, Ali influenced younger people than him by showing to never give up and push forward and to get past everything that comes your

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