Mr Gee Case Study

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At the time of evaluation, Mr. Gee was a 57-year-old white married heterosexual male that was referred by his PCP, Dr. Lois Lane, to assess whether or not his frequent medical visits and chronic weak stomach complaints were psychologically related. Specifically, Mr. Gee complained of anhedonia, low energy, and severe gastrointestinal issues (i.e., constipation, diarrhea, discomfort). Furthermore, Mr. Gee endorsed mild anxiety symptoms (i.e., difficulty relaxing and controlling worrying), along with feelings of depression and frustration. He stated that the aforementioned issues have gotten progressively worse in recent months and that he has seen his PCP twice in the last couple months for his stomach-related issues, specifically.

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Gee’s profile is consistent with Somatic Symptom Disorder, severe. His primary self-reported symptom was severe gastrointestinal complaints without medical origin, which caused him to see his doctor twice in the past two to three months. In addition, his stomach issues have rendered him unable to complete household tasks and made him feel like he will not be able to get and/or maintain a job. Specifically, Mr. Gee lost his job 6 months ago, which is when his stomach issues got worse, as did his frustration, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. As his test profile revealed that he may develop physical symptoms during times of stress, his gastrointestinal complaints and other symptoms may be related to his current stressors (i.e., unemployment, stomach complaints, and unfinished projects). Mr. Gee also lacks insight about his issues, does not process information well, and is more receptive to concrete medical explanations for his symptoms. Thus, Mr. Gee was unable to comprehensively understand his symptoms, which led to repeated visits to his PCP. However, because his PCP was unable to provide a concrete medical explanation for his stomach issues, he became increasingly frustrated, and suffered from anxiety and depressive-related symptoms. Furthermore, Mr. Gee coped by internalizing his feelings, which caused him to increasingly engage in negative self-inspecting behaviors. The self-inspecting behaviors, then, also contributed to his stress, frustration, and …show more content…
Gee possessed several strengths. First, he is intelligent, despite only having a high school education and suffering a head trauma, as he scored in the average range on the WAIS-IV. Second, he was able to successfully maintain a stable income and employment, up until 6 months ago, despite not having a college degree. Third, he has been married for the past 32 years and maintained a good relationship with each of his children. Therefore, it may be useful to try and incorporate his family into his treatment, as he reportedly has a good relationship with them

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