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Business organizations both financial and non-financial institution adopting information technology at astonishing rate in delivering good service as the end state to satisfying their customer. Dependence and interdependence of this organization on information technology have increased this as well increase the consequence of IT risks.
IT has become more and more central to business over the past decade but many enterprise organizations have not yet modify their processes for making key decisions related to IT and IT risks.
The research tailored to analysis IT risk management approach and the business impact. Including the integration of enterprise risks management in the
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How to design best risk assessment and management methodology for a financial and non-financial institution with present across the Africa region. Research Methodology
The research methodology approach will include interviewing colleagues across Ecobank group within Africa. Additionally, vendors with risk management solutions as part of their portfolio to address IT related risks facing financial institution will be interviewed about their experience and methodologies.
A case study of eProcess International .S .A, an ICT technology subsidiary of Ecobank group. With a vision to build a world class Pan Africa Bank and to contribute to the economic and financial development of Africa. The risk associate with delivering services to all the affiliate across Africa will be review. As final result, this research will propose methodology for operational risk assessment across all the organizations affiliate in Africa from eProcess International. S.A where the ICT infrastructure is located.
Perceived Value

This research work will distinctly provide an understanding of integration of enterprise risk management and the IT operational risk approach. The business impact is evaluate in terms of the return on investment to ensure ICT project is properly managed from the inception to end with clearly identifying all the associated risks. The research make it possible for every member of staff to understand the various risks that occur within the organization, this include

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