Mr. Aguinaldo And The Filipino People Essay

964 Words Nov 25th, 2016 4 Pages
It has come to President Mckinley and my attention that Mr. Aguinaldo wishes to make the American people feel for his case of Filipino sovereignty. Moreover, Mr. Aguinaldo’s case was published in the North American Review, of which you are the editor. Therefore Mr.Kurial, it is the intention of the President to address Mr. Aguinaldo 's case and have it published to the American people.

First, I would like to address Mr. Aguinaldo’s concerns that he indicated in his case. It is crucial for Mr.Aguinaldo and the Filipino people, to recognize that the American revolution and our case for sovereignty as a different matter in its function. Thereby, I wish to educate our Filipino associates by showcasing the example of other independent to be an American fought affair not relying on the full assistance of another state. Furthermore, for Mr.Aguinaldo to argue the “American position as a laughing stock of other civilized nations” is a insult to not only our republican government, but to the American people who have worked hard and effortlessly to achieve a positively recognized status in international society. Our traditions, meanwhile have never been abandoned. It should be made clear, that this is the sort of reasoning uncivilized individuals conjure up. Our tradition, of not allowing European imperialism and the subjection of a people have always been at the forefront of our foreign policy. Moreover, it is important to indicate that the American government has maintained this…

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