Movie, Scarface : Shame Of A Nation Essay

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The American gangster has always been viewed as an integral icon in American entertainment, from its beginning in classic Hollywood films such as Scarface: Shame of a Nation and on into present day films such as Good fellas. However, there is one important point one must take into account when discussing the great American mobster film, and that is the historical accuracy of the film when it is in reference to a real life gangster. Many mob movies feature characters who strike a quite startling resemblance to the real article, and the 1932 original film Scarface: Shame of a Nation is no exception. This paper will research and compare the story of the film to its real world counterpart, the story of one of the most infamous mobsters of all time, Mister Alphonse “Scarface” Capone. It will look at similarities and differences between the film and reality, Scarface: Shame of a Nation, is a 1932 classic mobster film is based on the Armitage Trail novel of the same name, which itself is loosely based on the Al Capone’s rise to power and fall from glory in the world of the Italian-American mob. The title itself is a reference to Capone’s nickname, one which he thoroughly despised. Scarface, a nickname given to Capone due to the three unmistakable scars on his face, has a story all it’s own. After dropping out of school in the sixth grade, Capone joined a street gang in Manhattan known as The Five points Gang and worked as a bouncer and bartender at a bar called The Harvard Inn.…

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