Essay on Movie Review : ' The Dark Knight '

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In our society, we often tend to act and adapt into a situation that we are not familiar with such as getting into a character for a role in a story or a gimmick that provides a different persona that we are not supposed to be but we still do it in order for the sake of the role or gimmick we want to transform in. We often want to bring life to a character that we don’t; for example, actors get ready for a role for a show and movie in order to get into a character to have a deeper connection to the character they are portraying. Although, getting into character can actually do more harm to the person own psychological behavior that the persona they wish to become has consumed their own mental identity. For instance, Heath Ledger portraying as The Joker in the movie The Dark Knight he came to the persona of the Joker and a week later after the movie was finalized, he was found dead from overdose. Did he died of the persona of The Joker? or was he mentally ill? Often times would heavily rely on the theory of nurture vs nature if this person nurtured to this state or merely were they born with it. However, in 1971 they did an experiment that will shock the world on how intense and unethical the experiment that was ever recorded. The psychologist who conducted the experiment was Philip Zimbardo. He introduced the world to the Stanford Prison Experiment. Phillip Zimbardo was born in New York City NY in 1933 he is from a family of Sicilian immigrants. Zimbardo went to Brooklyn…

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