Movie Review : Mississippi Burning By Alan Parker Essay

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Desires are feelings that every human goes through. However, the desire to have power, once acquired is not easy to get rid of. This idea is explored by Kathryn Stockett, in her novel The Help which is a story about three women in Jackson, Mississippi and their efforts to challenge these desires of power. This idea is also present in the movie Mississippi Burning by Alan Parker. Mississippi Burning is about a pair of FBI agents who go to Jessup County to solve the murder case of three civil rights activists. During their investigations, they discover that the town is full of racism because of people’s desire to have power over others. Both Stockett and Parker demonstrate how the desire of power is passed on to the newer generation by their elders. In fear of losing their power, people also despise any changes done to their society. Therefore, both the texts show, that the desire to have power over other individuals, if developed in childhood, is permanent which is why people fail to stop racial discrimination in a society.
The older generation develops the desire of power in their children, at a young age, to keep the society racially segregated. Both The Help and Mississippi Burning demonstrate how children can gain the same desires as their elders because they can be easily influenced. In the 1960’s, the middle class values were an important part of the white communities. Some of these middle class values were a belief in God, hard work and service to their country. These…

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