Essay about Movie Review : Hotel Rwanda

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Having watched this movie in a high school history class, I immediately knew why it was an option to pick from. Even with the new information that I have learned so far in Peace and Conflict studies, I still found this movie hard to stomach. Although Hollywood portrays a more unrealistic heroic version of the historical events that took place, Hotel Rwanda stills shows the conflict between two groups in Africa. Hotel Rwanda centers around the war between the Hutu tribe and the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda, also known as the Rwandan Genocide. Belgium was a catalyst for the war as they segregated Rwanda and built up the power of the Tutsi, causing hatred from the Hutus. When Belgium left, the Hutus began to revolt against the Tutsi population. They specifically target children to wipe out any future generations of Tutsi people. Hundreds of thousands were killed over a 100 day time span. The movie, Hotel Rwanda, demonstrates the desperation and violence of the war by following hotel manager, Paul Rusesabagina. Paul is a member of the Hutu tribe, but he is married to a Tutsi women. Since his wife is Tutsi, his children are also considered Tutsi in addition to his wife 's extended family. Paul, from the beginning, recognizes the severity of the issues. He uses his position at the hotel to help protect his family and neighbors. He is able to negotiate and bribe with the Hutus as well as the United Nations. Paul pays the Hutu generals to save his family and neighbors; he hides them…

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