Movie Review : Everything Is Illuminated By Liev Schreiber And The Apostle

1731 Words May 5th, 2016 7 Pages
This week 's topic centers around religion. In the films assigned this week we see different religions and their characteristics. The films that were assigned were "Everything is Illuminated", directed by Liev Schreiber and "The Apostle," directed by Robert Duvall. Although both films do not center around religion, they do feature certain elements that relate to the religions mentioned in the movie and us as the viewer get to explore how they affect the outcome. To start off, the movie "Everything is Illuminated", tells the story of an American Jew named Johnathan. Johnathan 's grandfather has died, and he wishes to learn more about him. His grandmother gives him an old picture of his grandfather standing with an unknown woman. Johnathan decides to travel to Ukraine, the country that his grandfather was from before he came to America. Johnathan hires a translator named Alex to help guide him around Ukraine. Alex is Ukrainian and has a strong passion for American culture he especially loves things like rap and dancing. Alex brings his grandfather along to drive them around. His grandfather, who people think is deranged, believes he is blind even though he isn 't but still brings around his loved eye seeing the dog with him everywhere he goes. His grandfather has a dislike for Jews for an unexplained reason. The crew sets out to look for a town named Trachimbrod. Along the way, they make many stops to ask for directions to Trachimbrod, but no one has seemed to hear of it.…

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