Movie Review : ' Don 't Be Stupid ' Essays

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Look around you, does where you are look uniformly ominous. Are you being chased by an unusually powerful or intelligent being. Well congratulations! You are in a horror film! It may not sound that great because it is not. You are probably going to die, but if you read this guide you might not. So let’s get started!
The most important thing I could tell anyone in your situation right now is “don’t be stupid”. It has been said in so many television shows and movies. “Dont go in there you’ll — see I told her not to go there!” yelling at the movie screen. It has been so overused in comedy that it has become a meta-cliché. So make sure that you, if you do not want to die, stay calm and don’t be stupid.
There are many types of horror films from zombies to Dracula each type deserving of their own survival guide. This guide assumes the worst case scenario — you are in a slasher film. Despite your primary purpose as a supporting character in a horror film is to die there are some benefits of your situation. First, think of all the horror films you have heard of or seen: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Chucky. The majority of horror films are predictable (Carroll 97). Slasher films are especially predictable: run, scream, die, in no particular order. If you read this guide then you are not going to do that. I assure you.
Night One: The Chase
Know who is chasing you. As a rule of thumb the person trying to kill you is most likely a human (Iaccino…

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