Movie Analysis : ' The Dream Of Reality Bites Back By Jennifer L Pozner

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Mixed Emotions

What is reality no one actually knows because everyone has a different view of reality. Jennifer L Pozner a published author with her work of Reality Bites Back. Pozner feels very strong about reality being slow, boring, nothing exciting happening, fairytales and happily ever afters. I on the other hand have mixed emotions from school/ work taking up so much time it just allows those free times we have with friends and family to be cherished.

Growing up we all had visions of mr/ms right. We have all made up a

fairytale how we picture how our lives will develop. There are many thing in this world that make fairytales rare and far in between. Ponzer provides a good example when she states “ and Bally Fitness memberships--to insecure women scared of being alone than it is to self-confident people who believe they`re beautiful, lovable and capable of being happy just as they are” (56). Dating websites such as these have changed the term fairytale for most of us. For women their fairytale could be randomly getting swept off her feet from prince charming. With all the different ways of finding your significant other it has changed the way we look at fairy tales but in the end does it matter how you find them or that we have found them.

We all know the phrase happily ever after either whether it be from the books our parents read to us or one of the many disney movies about a princess meeting prince charming and spending the rest of…

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