Movie Analysis : Stand And Deliver Essay

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Urban schools are most always portrayed in a negative light. Such is the case in the movie called Stand and Deliver which takes place in a high school in East Los Angeles during the 1980’s. This movie is based off a true story about a teacher by the name of Jaime Escalante, played by Edward Olmos, who worked diligently with a group of roughneck students because he thought that every student has the potential to learn. He believed that if the students and teacher had enough “Ganas” or motivation that students would supersede the expectations of any educational setting. Armed with his motivation he set out to teach 18 students far more math than they ever imagined they would learn; he taught them Calculus for them to take the AP Calculus Exam. The movie explores theme of education inequality, racial stereotyping of Mexican American student, it also considered the issue of how to treat standards of learning when it comes to teaching minority/impoverished students, a brief moment about the difficulties of overcoming the social reproduction cycle, and lastly, it attempts to portray the difficulties encountered by minority that many other students from better socioeconomic backgrounds do not have to deal with while trying to focus on school.
The movie starts out by panning through east LA which is a predominantly Mexican area. The environment is rough since it is deeply impoverished and many of the teenagers resort to gangs life and other deviant behaviors for lack of…

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