Movie Analysis : ' Requiem For A Dream ' Essay

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Media Portrayal of Addiction in “Requiem for a Dream”
Rositsa Bahchevanova
Mental health NUR 433 01
Laurie Zack
Dominican University

Is the Mental Disorder Appropriately Portrayed?
The targeted movie for this exercise is “Requiem for a Dream”. The 2000 film is directed by Darren Aronofsky. This movie narrates the story of Sara Goldfarb and the people around her life. The health issue outlined in this film is addiction. According to the film, addiction affects the lives of different people such as Sara, Tyrone, Marion, and Harry (Watson & Aronofsky, 2010).
The movie begins by narrating the story of Sara Goldfarb. This character loves watching a show named “Informercials”. The show is hosted by a famous celebrity called Tabby Tibbons. After getting a call inviting her to participate in a game show, Sara starts a new journey in order to regain her youthful appearance. Sara’s is advised by her doctor to take amphetamine pills to reduce weight (Watson & Aronofsky, 2010). She takes more pills after her invitation is prolonged. This behavior results in a condition called amphetamine psychosis (Watson & Aronofsky, 2010).
The film plays a critical role towards describing how addiction is interpreted in the contemporary society. It also illustrates different forms of addiction from the right perspective. For instance, the story of Sara describes how people can be easily addicted by…

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