Essay on Movie Analysis : Man With A Movie Camera

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Man with a Movie Camera, a film from 1929 directed by Dziga Vertov, is a film unlike any contemporary movie we would see today that may hold more significance than most modern blockbusters from Hollywood. This film takes place over the course of one day, and presents how extraordinary everyday life can be. Vertov uses no actors and tells no story in this film. Instead, he focuses on the technology of the camera he is using to film, and shows his audience what the kino-eye sees and what really goes into making a move. This kino-eye (literally cinema-eye) and film itself is the focus of Man with a Movie Camera. Through crane and tracking shots, varied angles, and montage, Vertov becomes the literal man with a movie camera and demonstrates what is possible with the ‘kino eye’ and the intensive process of filmmaking. Throughout Vertov’s film, there are several instances where the camera is used to show the audience different angles and views of the world that they otherwise would not be able to without this kino-eye. In order to demonstrate the chaos of an urban city, Vertov takes his kino-eye far above the city. From these crane shots, Vertov is able to show the cars and the people running around like little ants on the asphalt below. This view of life is something Vertov stresses is not possible with our regular eyes. In order to see the city for what it really is, the kino-eye, and the crane-shot are necessary. Another instance of motion that Vertov explores is seen via a…

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