Movie Analysis : ' Here 's The Deal ' Essay

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“ Here’s the deal. Open your eyes. Your life is a lie.” These words, written by Andrew VanWyngarden, are pure genius and totally apply to Truman Burbank’s life. Mr. Burbank was born and raised in on the little island of Sea Haven. During the first thirty years of his life, he remained in Sea Haven, never knowing he was actually on a movie set and his whole life was a lie. The movie The Truman Show is an indirect satirical look at reality tv, making comments about the “controlled” reality these shows display, creating illogical scenarios, and mocks those who follow reality tv shows like a religion. The Truman Show, as mentioned previously, takes an indirect satirical look at reality tv and the various “realities” that revolve around tv culture. In an indirect satire, the fictional work makes up a story. Truman Burbank is raised from birth on a movie set. Every aspect of his life has been broadcast on live television for his entire life. During his thirty years on The Truman Show, Truman Burbank has gained quite a following, despite the inhumanity and repetition of his life, he has gained a massive following. Fans everywhere drop everything in their lives to watch as Truman Burbank lives his life. The man in the bathtub, for example, is so desperate to see everything that happens that he remains soaking in the bathtub. How is that man not a prune? Once Truman discovers the truth and leaves the set, The Truman Show is over and now, the people that have been forgetting to live…

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