The Meaning Of Freedom In The Truman Show

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Register to read the introduction… In high school, he fell in love with a girl named Sylvia. She was against the concept of The Truman Show and began to tell him the truth about the world he was living in but before she was able to explain everything, she was forcefully taken away and exiled from the show. Truman never forgot her and years later when he observed the stage light fall from the sky, the elevator with no back wall, the pedestrians on the loop around the block and began to realize that something was going on he remembered her and her cryptic message. Truman was disturbed by these events and searched for answers. Christof fed him more lies, trying in vain to keep him from the truth but Truman was not satisfied with lies any longer. He managed to escape his watchers and sailed off into the horizon where the whole truth was finally

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