Essay on Movie Analysis : Frank Serpico

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This movie begins with the protagonist, Frank Serpico, covered in blood and in the back seat of a police car. He has just been shot. The remainder of the movie serves as a flashback, and highlights Serpico’s career up to this point, beginning with when he became a police officer in the 1960’s. He believed in non-violent methods of catching criminals, and refused to take part in police corruption that had to do with taking bribes from gamblers and drug dealers. Due to this, Serpico has issues fitting in with the other officers, and raises suspicions about himself.
At first, Serpico tries to inform his bosses about the corruption, but this gets him nowhere. Along with a fellow officer, Bob Blair, the two attempt to get through to the city’s administration, with no luck. His campaign and the resulting complications take a toll on his mental health as well as his social relationships, specifically his relationship with his fiancé Lauri, who ends up leaving him. After many trials, a police inspector agrees to help Serpico with stopping the corruption with the gangs, as well as going to the New York Times to bring attention to the matter. Following this, Serpico is transferred to the narcotic wing, just as he wanted. However, this is an even more corrupt environment, and he now has mostly enemies due to his reputation. As a result, he is shot in the face during a drug raid due to a fellow officers’ reluctance to help him. After being left for dead but eventually discovered by two…

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