Essay on Movie Analysis : ' Fight Club '

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Fight Club is an excellent example of Freud 's Structural model of the psyche. The main character and his split personality, Tyler Durden, are polar opposites very similar to the angel and devil idea represented in our textbook. The main character is an insomniac and instead of prescribing him sleep aides, his doctor sends him to support groups. He finds the support groups soothing and they help him sleep so he starts attending a different support group every day. His support groups stop helping him sleep when he realizes there 's another faker, Marla, going to the groups, and he confronts her and asks her to not go to the same groups he goes to. But it doesn 't work well. The main character meets Tyler Durden in an airplane. The main character 's car blows up and he goes to Tyler and asks to move in, Tyler agrees only if they can have a fistfight. They start a fight club with other men who use this to get out their anger and aggression. The club turns into a group called Project Mayhem, which has a lot of "unspoken" rules. Tyler uses the group to plan attacks against the culture he hates and eventually has a cult like group working all over the world to bomb buildings. The main character decides he needs to stop Tyler but through a call to his girlfriend, he realizes that he is Tyler and he has split personalities. He decides to shoot himself, but when he shoots himself Tyler falls to the floor and the main character wakes to find himself in a mental hospital. The main…

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