Mount Rushmore : A Non Violence Activist Essay

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Mount Rushmore
Four of the most respectable presidents that have been influential in american history, reside on the monument of Mount Rushmore. In 1914, Mount Rushmore was built 61 feet tall in South Dakota to honour these four reverent presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. On my Mount Rushmore, I have selected four of the most intriguing and important figures that have shaped my life. My life has been greatly impacted by Todd Gurley an athlete in the NFL, Bill Gates the creator of Microsoft, Rick Riordan the number one bestselling author in New York, and Mahatma Gandhi a non-violence activist. My Mount Rushmore is important to me, because it has shown me the people that I admire the most in my life. These four figures on my Mount Rushmore have made me become a person that sees the world with inquisitive eyes.
I choose Todd Gurley to be on my Mount Rushmore because of his superb athletic abilities in the NFL. As a child, Gurley has excelled in various sports: Track and Field, Basketball, and Football. His record in the NFL has made him one of the best running back’s in the league, since last year. Although he is fairly new to the Los Angeles Rams, he has made the team overall become more efficient in offense and defence. Gurley has carried the entire team offensively on his back during games and has been awarded the offensive rookie of the year.
I learned about Todd Gurley when he played his first game against the…

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