Motorcycle Safety Research Paper

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Have you ever thought that the amount we pay for goods can have an effect on other things in life? Take a look at motorcycle accidents around the world in developed and developing countries. Do you think that the price of gas, or the price have an effect on the amount of accidents? A group of people in California had the same question, and what they found was that motorcycle accidents increased when gas prices went up. They also noted that the price for a new motorcycle is considerably less than a new car, and people have more disposable income to purchase more niceties (Zhu, Wilson, & Stimpson, 2015). The World Health Organization estimated in 2002 that 1.2 million people sustained life ending injuries, and more than 50 million injured …show more content…
There are a few things to look at which could slow down the amount of accidents or eliminate them altogether. If the riders are aware of what the monetary value and type of injuries that are associated with motorcycle accidents. What education and training of motorcycle riders can do to reduce the amount of accidents, also look at way accidents occur and how to change the mindset of the riders. The final and probably the most important topic will be the protective equipment that the rider needs, and how advanced technology is making motorcycles safer. We will start with the types of accidents and the cost of them.
Most motorcycle accidents are single vehicle, and occur because the rider misjudged the curve and runs off the road. Washington State studied the amount of motorcycle-to-barrier crashes, and tested newly designed guard rails to reduce the injuries sustained by the rider. The study showed that the shorter the curve the more likely there would be a motorcycle hitting the barrier (Gabauer & Li, 2015). The next area of high accidents are at intersections, when cars and motorcycles cross the same path. With the size of a motorcycle they can be hard to see in traffic and can blend into the environment around them. The types of
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There are many different types of jackets, which have numerous different safety features. Gloves of all types, riding pants, and boots that come in many different types of material. There are many options to look cool, or standout to make sure others can see you. The most important item is the motorcycle helmet. As we discussed earlier about the cost of medical treatment from wearing one to choosing not to wear a helmet. Helmets also come in different varieties like full face which offers the most protection, to the three-quarter with a little less protection, and the half helmet with limited protection. With the ability to choose different types and color, you can also get novelty helmets that do not have any safety standards associated with them. While whatever helmet type is chosen if they have a safety standard on them, it will protect you more than not wearing one at all. Just like the different training each country have their own safety standards. Europe uses the Economic Community of Europe (ECE 22.05), and the United States use the Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as the Snell Memorial Foundation, to name a few. The best practice is to check which standard is required for your location, and the locations that you will be riding through. With all the different types and standards for helmets which one is the safest to wear? California conducted a study on DOT

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