Motivations And Achievements Of Marcus Garvey And His Social Movement

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Marcus Garvey
Madi Rivera
Clovis North High School
This research paper explains the many motivations, preparations, and accomplishments of
Marcus Garvey and his social movements. It explains how being raised in a part of Jamaica where it was strictly segregated then moving to the United States where African Americans could not even do what they pleased helped to prepared him for the struggles he would soon face as a social activist. It describes his accomplishments in working to improve the lives of African
Americans. He left a great mark in the rise of black nationalism that greatly impacted the thoughts and philosophies of other organizations working for the same cause. He showed African
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He taught people to think for themselves and be self-determined in order to be successful. Marcus Garvey definitely pushed a new life for African Americans in the United States.
Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey was a social activist who rightfully deserves a place in american history.
The circumstances he lived in trained him to fight hard for equal rights among all citizens. Even though he accomplished many difficult tasks, some still say that he does not belong on the list of those who greatly impacted the history of America. However, Marcus Garvey definitely deserves a spot in the impact of American history.
Marcus Garvey was born into a good, moral family, however, they did face
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His motives were enough to push him to accomplish incredible tasks.
Before Marcus Garvey grew up to create Garveyism, he had some preparation during his earlier life stages. While living with his godfather in Jamaica, Marcus Garvey learned many valuable lessons as to how differently people were treated because of the color of their skin.
Marcus Garvey involved himself in strikes that pushed for higher wages and better working conditions("Marcus Garvey," 1994). The society he was raised in prepared Garvey to fight for what he knew to be right. Marcus Garvey had the type of personality that could persuade others(Carter, 2002). The way he was raised helped ready him to be a wise speaker and powerful leader in the civil rights movement. He believed in helping the community all together, not just individuals in the community (Carter, 2002). Because of this, he became very successful in reaching out to others, as well as giving others the things they needed most. The circumstances that Garvey lived in helped prepare him for the many challenges and situations he would face

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