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Psychology and Management Paper
Len Lertsumitkul
Using the concepts introduced in the course, take an individual, personal or collective experience to illustrate, explain and comment on a situation in which you felt strong motivation or de-motivation. Emphasize the description of the various factors.

The concept of motivation is a very interesting aspect in human life and I find the attempt to study and understand it even more intriguing. Over the years, researchers have tried to explain the dynamics of motivation and there have been many interesting theories put forward. In this paper, I will outline some of these ‘textbook’ theories and attempt to incorporate them to explain some of my experiences from my previous work
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Many researchers have put forward different theories to explain the complex nature of human motivation, and in this paper I will explore some of the most relevant studies that have shaped our understanding of this concept today. These theories generally offer an insight into how individuals actually make choices to work hard, or not to work hard based on preferences, available rewards and possible work outcomes.
In 1943, Maslow proposed a theory in his paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” called the “Hierarchy of Needs”. This theory was then fully expressed in his 1954 book “Motivation and Personality”. Maslow proposed that all individuals have five levels of needs: physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualizing. This hierarchy is often portrayed in the shape of a pyramid, where the largest and most fundamental of needs are located at the base of the pyramid and the need for self-actualization located at the very top. He argued that for an individual to be motivated by the higher need level, the lower level needed to be satisfied first.
However, despite the popularity and simplicity of Maslow’s theory, it has been dismissed by the majority of motivation experts. Studies have shown that individuals do not progress through the hierarchy as predicted by the theory. Also, the theory assumes that needs priorities shift over a long period of time, but in practice

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