Mother 's Birthday Present By Carrie Seever Essay

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A review of the short story, Mother’s Birthday Present
What is the title of the text and what is the text about?
Mother’s Birthday Present, a story by Carrie Seever, won a Life (magazine) short story contest in 1915. The story describes a young girl’s encounter with a con man, who cheats her out of thirty-five cents ($8.13 in 2015 dollars). The girl, Lizzie sees through the deception, challenges the con man and succeeds in getting her money back, as well as the prize (an album) that she lost her money betting on to win. Birthday gifts (past, present and future) for Lizzie’s mother are central to the story (Seever, 1915).
What is the author’s view? How do I know?
Identifying and describing an author’s view was a new exercise for me. My research regarding this topic led me to, Author’s Purpose & Point of View, which suggests that beliefs, personal judgments and attitudes influence an author’s view. Choice of words, descriptions and the characters’ actions are devices to reveal this view (Ammons Middle School, n.d.).
I feel that the author’s purpose is to entertain and share a contrasting, first-person view of a child’s confidence and naivety. Seever accomplishes this by:
• Actions | The use of a dialog between Lizzie and her cat, allows the reader an opportunity to listen in on the thoughts of a child.
• Word choice | Deliberate use of spelling and grammar errors, such as a child would make remind the reader of Lizzie’s age. I feel this is emphasized in the first and last…

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