Essay about Moses Humility

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Introduction I start this essay from the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". In order to relate to people according to this rule, one of the most important needs is that of "humility". Humility is a high virtue of human beings. Unfortunately this affirmation is not accepted by everybody. Somehow this virtue is ignored, or it was not paid much attention to it. In this essay I want to show two things: like I said in the beginning, that humility is really a high virtue of human been, and the second, that the church understanding of humility is not always the biblical understanding of humility. Church view is all the time influenced on the one hand by the world understanding of humility, and on the other …show more content…
It is easy for us as Christians to be sincere with ourselves especially when we came before God and to recognize us as sinners or as bad persons comparing us with Him, but is very hard for us to accept these critic when is coming from somebody else, or from other people. “We all prefer to condemn ourselves than to allow somebody else to condemn us”. This involves hypocrisy, and it is always happening when we are not humble, when the meekness is absent4. So even Christians can understand humility in a wrong way, not biblical. In the next part, our attention will focus on the biblical view of humility.

3. Biblical view of humility
In order to present the biblical perspective about humility, we will take two examples of people, which proved through their deeds and words humility in their life. First, we will look at Moses, the leader of Jewish people during their exodus. He was as the Bible said in Numbers 12:3 the most humble of everyone in the world. “Now Moses was a very meek man, the most humble of everyone in the world” Numbers 12:3

If we look in the previous chapter (11) in verses 26-29, we see a characteristic of Moses humility. When Joshua is coming and is telling to Moses about those two people which were prophesying in the camp, Moses is giving to Joshua a memorable response,

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