Essay on Morals Are Be A System Of Equality

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Morals are everywhere. From media outlets to the parental teachings of one’s youth, society infuses the human race into a world of persuasive morality. Using a variety of techniques and approaches, the power-hungry and the righteous attempt to sway the uncommitted to a moral side. However, as an individual, the challenge lies in determining which morals are worthy of believing and which should be left as propaganda.
As stated above, society’s influence drives the world. Systematically for the last hundreds and thousands of years, the human race has become collections and communities of descriptive factors. From the gay and the straight to the poor and wealthy, American civilization has embedded segregation and prejudice deep into the current moral system. Although, we as individuals may not find flaws in a labeling system, how far does one go before he or she mentions the label we all hold? After all, aren’t we all human? Don’t we as human beings deserve equality?
To me, a system of morality must be a system of equality. In order to maintain true equality, one must be granted not only the same legal rights as a diverse counterpart, but also be treated with the same level of moral respect. As humans, the basis of equality must offer equal opportunities for success and happiness despite one’s gender, race, sexuality, religion, age, or national origin. However, current moral systems become tainted by inaccurate perceptions of the diverse. To truly understand equality, one…

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