Morality And The Theories Of Morality Essay example

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Morality and the Theories of.
At first thought the idea of morality seems to be universally known. In most civilized societies, when asked, most people can give you an answer on what is moral and what it means to be moral. A descriptive definition of morality as written by Gert and Bernard says that “morality” in the normative sense does not have, namely, that it refers to codes of conduct that are actually put forward and accepted by some society, group, or individual.”(1) So even in our own societies for every one’s answer on morality there are others who might not agree with that point of view. Does that mean one lack morals or the ability to understand what morality really is or do they simple have a different view on morality? Both individuals could be right both could be wrong it just depends on their take and understanding of morality. When justifying morality there are three specific ideologies that come to mind. They are; Utilitarianism, Kant’s Deontology, and Social Contract theory. Between the three which one is best? In an attempt to answer this question we must first know the premise behind each as well as its flaws. Once can argue that when deciding what is wrong and what is right we simply have to decide if the action we take will have a negative result. So in deciding on what’s right or wrong we simply need to just know if the result is more good or bad. This is the idea of utilitarianism as first proposed by Jeremy Bentham and later expounded on…

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