Morality And Ethics And Morality Essay

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Theories which attempt to explain morality based on the purpose of human life and the defining characteristics of what should be considered a “good” life date all the way back to Ancient Greece. Aristotle, was one of the most famous writers of ancient times to discuss morality and ethics. As a philosopher, Aristotle believed that if a purpose was fulfilled than it was ‘good’. This is the basis of natural law in ethical beliefs and also implies that everything has a purpose in life and actions are either right or wrong depending on whether or not they contribute to fulfilling said purpose. The church and these everyday moral and ethical views can sync nicely or contrast, depending on the views of each other. When it comes to ethics and morality everyone has different views. Some people always choose to do what is good and just, while others go with the route of doing what benefits them most. There are many ways of how ethics and morality manifest themselves in our everyday lives. However, there are differences when you compare an everyday person to Catholicism.
The academic philosophers of 200 hundred years ago saw morality in social terms. The strongest belief of morality then was finding the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. This is also known as, utilitarianism. This is no longer the case; the 20th century has been hard on morality personal morality and ethics have been going through constant changes. For example, millions of people are being killed…

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