Moral Relativism And Cultural Relativism Essay

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1. Explain the differences between moral relativism, cultural relativism, and individual relativism.
Moral Relativism is a position which claims that moral values are created by humans whether it’s by the individual, or through society. Individual relativism means that an individual person establishes for themselves their own moral standards. And cultural relativism is when moral standards are set by society and are then passed down from generation to generation.
2. According to your textbook, why does Xenophanes think that religious beliefs are culturally relative?
Xenophanes noted that many cultures portrayed their gods to share the same physical characteristics and experiences as themselves. He continued by giving the example: “if oxen and horses and lions had hands and were able to draw with their hands and do the same things as men, horses would draw the shape of gods to look like horses and oxen to look like ox, and each would make the gods’ bodies have the same shape as they themselves had.”(Moral Philosophy through the Ages, 3. 2) Xenophanes was trying to make the point that each ethnic group believed in gods that were similar to themselves because of what that specific group perceived around them.
3. According to your textbook, what is Pyrrho’s view of morality?
Pyrrho was a philosopher of skepticism. He believed that we cannot determine whether anything is good or bad, but that moral values are the result of cultural preferences. This was explained by how…

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