Essay on Moral And Ethical Decision Making

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“The environment in which members of the military must operate poses a severe threat to consistent moral behavior.” (Hartle 1) The opening sentence of Anthony Hartle’s Moral Issues in Military Decision Making starts a conversation with the reader about a serious topic in today’s military. Hartle published the first edition of his book back in 1984 when the biggest threat to the United States was the Soviet Union. After their collapse the landscape of the world changed with the United States emerging as the most powerful force in the world. In order to deter use of this power many countries raced to get nuclear capabilities to deter the US. The book covers how the Military of the US fits into this ever changing world and, more importantly, how moral and ethical decision making in the Military is more important than ever before.

The book opens with some case studies about moral decision making, such as a Lieutenant who threatened a Vietnamese farmer in order to save the lives of some of his soldiers or some lawyers who didn’t report the locations of dead bodies until the murderer released the information during the case. The next few chapters talk about the definition of a profession (including how this relates to the Military as a profession), how this profession fits into moral decision making, and how being in this profession reflects on moral decision making. It then continues with some of the values of the world: from accepted “societal” values of the world to War time…

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