Monte Casino Case Study

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A culture according to Terry Eagleton (2016) is a complex whole of society. Culture includes the society's identity, language, values, beliefs, law, customs, and cuisines. It's the social norms and behaviors that are found in the human society. It's a concept central in anthropology that encompasses a range of phenomena's transmitted through the social learning in the human society. It is a sum of customs, attitudes, and beliefs distinguished from one group to the other. It's transmitted through material objects, language, institutions, art, and rituals from one generation to the other. The most important thing in a culture is the fact that no matter where that culture is located, it shares five
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A study conducted by Forty, George (2004) showed that Multinational forces conducted this battle with the intention of dislodging the German troops that had been well entrenched in the Italian mountain and also clear their path to Rome. In 1943 after Sicily's conquest the allies were faced with difficulties battling up the spine towards Rome. The Germans had gained more ground thus they were able to block the allied forces from advancing. The Germans, however, ordered his troops not to include the abbey in their defensive system. By 1944 the allied progress was embarrassingly and painfully slow thus causing tension among the allies. The reason for the slow pace was the geography and the terrain south of Rome. It has high mountains with very fast flowing rivers that cut through. The only possible route to Rome was route seven the apian way or route six which was via Casilina which had been built in the 12th century. The apian way followed the west coast, but unfortunately, in the south of Rome, the Pontine Marshes had been flooded by the Germans leaving the route impassable. The only other way to this terrain according to Katz, Robert (2003) was route six that passed through the Liri rivers valley. The monastery of Monte Cassino which is one of the most sacred sites to the Christians towered over the entrance to the valley. The Italians …show more content…
The German unlike the Americans did not have many troops and had learned a lesson during the World War 1 and were not ready to put many of their forces in the line of fire. The allied group on the other had had a significant battalion and kept sending their people out there as they surged towards the Germans and casino abbey. Replacing such a massive number of military officers who died in the battle of Rome has been a challenge as well as rehabilitating all the wounded soldiers. There were also some civilian casualties who needed rehabilitation after they were wounded in the crossfire and the war. Every war is expensive, and the repercussion and the aftermath of any war are devastating.
Today looking at the abbeys rather than a pile of rubble that had been left by the battle in 1944 the monasteries of Monte Casino has been rebuilt into a stylish village where tourist come to experience and pay their respect to the many soldiers buried in the war cemeteries. (Ellis, John, 2003). The mountains on the other side are still as wild as they were back then which becomes a prominence reminder of why the Germans choose the hills as their primary defensive line in central Italy and how intimidating and challenging the allied troops must have felt crossing those fast-moving rivers and cliff

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