Essay on Monologue Boo Radley Perspective

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Yesterday was the first day I stepped out into the sunlight, when I look back upon my days watching Jem and scout growing up, one thing that comes into my mind is why I didn’t just step outside and play with them.

I think what kept me from going outdoors was the conflict between black and whites at the time , I didn’t want to get caught up in all the drama so I stayed indoors, now looking back I should of just faces the racism, I would of loved to spend days down at the creek swimming with the children or playing football and building snow forts in the winter. You see jem and scout they didn’t have many to play with, well they had dill but only in the summer and Atticus’s job as a lawyer kept him pretty busy.

Back when Jem and
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After my dad had died I was eternally grateful as I would no longer be tortured into staying indoors for the rest of my life but I found out later that my brother who was cruel if not crueler than my father will be looking to keep my father’s promise to keep me indoors and away from everyone. He tortured me chaining me to the bed post so there was no way I could escape. With little food and water I could feel myself growing weaker, Nathan my so called brother waited till I was near death and force feed me, starving me near point of death and feed me so I wouldn't die. Nathan would say to me “death is too kind for a man like you authur” , feeling miserable, weak, and abandoned every night i would look out my window and prey to the brightest star knowing that someday my mother and I will be together again, hoping, just hoping that someday life would be so kind, kind enough to let me go so I can be with my mother once

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