Essay Money Is A Material Necessity

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Money is a material necessity that a plethora of people do not know how to "handle". Statistically, a large percentage of both businesses and marriages end due to the mismanagement of money. It is essential for people, of all ages and socioeconomic statuses, to learn about how to wisely earn, save, invest, and spend their money. If a wealthy graduate were to offer to donate a large sum of money to my college with the condition that the college require all students to pass a course in personal money management before graduating, I would support the college accepting the donation and conditions. It would be a wise decision for Lindenwood University to accept these terms because requiring all students to pass a course in personal money management would benefit both the students and other community stakeholders as well.

Though the thought of taking a course on personal finances or personal money management might sound like a waste of money and time to current students or future students, it would be in their best interest to make this investment of time and effort. For instance, students would get the opportunity to educate themselves on how to spend, save, and invest their money. I personally do not know much about how to save and invest the money that I am currently earning at the part-time job that I have. Though I am not in debt, and I do have a healthy sum of money in my checking account, I feel that it would be in…

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