Money Does Buy You Happiness Essay

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Money Does Buy You Happiness People from all over the world have heard the phrase, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness.” Well, they are wrong in so many ways. How does one think someone’s face reacts when they get their paycheck from work? Of course that individual has a happy face. That is why people work in the first place is to get money. If people never worked and did not have a job, they will end up sad and miserable, on the streets poor and hungry. People really exaggerate this phrase as well. They are only looking at this concept narrow mindedly thinking it applies to the very wealthy people. Many believe that if a person possesses many items, they will become greedier and want more and not be happy. This concept is an example of hidden implications. In fact, money buys one happiness because research has shown that a higher income positively correlates with one’s well-being and is not used towards material items all the time, it gives one the ability to not struggle through poverty, and contributing funds to others makes others and the sponsor happy.
Studies have shown how money does make people happy. Again, this notion is not about how being insanely wealthy makes one happy. It regards the impression that money in general creates financial comfort, which leads to contentment. Of course, money is necessary to purchase basic needs. Everybody needs food, water, clothing, and shelter. If people do not meet these needs, then it could lead to sickness and death, which…

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