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Finance & Economics

Investment, Liquidity & Interest Rate
Masih Malik Chowdhury FCA
The development pace of Bangladesh has since last 2 decades or more, been very positive. Although neither Press media nor so-called Civil- Security has ever held up our economic higher accomplishments, the country has been on the development pathway quite consistently. It has been 6.5% or around, almost all along that tenure. Sidr, Coastal disasters, Cyclones, Flood, Corruption etc are heavily projected as deterrents to or impediments for our development. All these together however could not hang up but only deferred our country’s economic upliftment. The world pace of development has been negative these 2 years. Whatever forecast from all or one of
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Moreover, the pressure of population, impact of inconsistent, imperfect & impertinent policies coerced by IMF, WB, ADB and political infighting above national interest not on a consensus basis has rendered our growth pace at a precariously lower level than expected. Why investment is needed is a very pertinent issue in all cases of development. In Bangladesh, the incumbent government has in its election manifesto pledged one job from each of the families whereas the household number is said to be 2.6 crores. An amount addition to do market seeking first entry for employment is 2.8 million over the job creation demand as per manifesto stipulation. This means the government has committed for a large number of additional 26 million employment creation before 2014 for which this government is pledged through election manifesto. Indeed, in the hopes for a new envisioned Bangladesh, electorates have overwhelmingly voted them to run the state affairs. It does not mean nor should this government take it as authority to do whatever it thinks good for itself. Rather it is the secret responsibility reposed on them by us to usher in better days for us- socially, economically, politically & globally. We like our country to be placed, atop world issues as an exemplary nation but not to be held as a bad precedence. We should dream Globalisation for Bangladesh first and hardly Bangladesh for Globalisation. Investment is defined as the action of

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