Modernism In Indian Camp, By Ernest Hemingway

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During World War I the Victorian era came to its end, entering a new era that would impact history to this day. The Modernist era was born. Many writers turned away from the traditional writing of morality and being to write about the world along with its powerful impact. In this time of war there was a message that had to get through to the people and many writers used their stories to get that point across, for example F Scott Fitzgerald, “You don 't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say”. Among many of the famous Modernist writers, Ernest Hemingway played a significant part in the influential movement. In Indian Camp, Hemingway uses his modernist techniques to construct a simple work of literature …show more content…
The doctor is accompanied by his son Nick and brother George to the reservation. When they first arrived all eyes were on them. They enter where the young woman laid in pain and he realize this was some much bigger than he expect. The young mother was in labor two days prior to doctor 's arrival. He was unprepared and had to perform an emergency c-section on the Native American woman using a finishing knife with no anesthetic. After the baby was born the doctor notice that the father of the child cut his throat from ear to ear, laying in a pool of blood. After leaving the camp Nick and his father set out on the Michigan lake. Nick was curious why the young father cut his throat, but his dad had no idea. After a small conversation Nick felt that he would never …show more content…
The author portrayed Nick to be an innocent boy who was curious and goes along with his father not knowing what he was going to experience and the tragic outcome . But why would he go at such a young age with his father to see a woman in labor? There can be many reasons, for example, maybe Nick wanted to be a doctor and see what his father goes through or it could be that he didn’t want to leave Nick alone. The author is the one who has the true answer to this. Nick experienced some things that the average normal child would not have seen. At times, things was too much to bear and he looked away. Nick is a prime example of young people. We live day by day and we only know of that day. Knowledge is learned from the innocence mind. Nick also portrays someone you learning life and its standing. In the end of the story, it was obvious to see that the whole event affected Nick because his view of his life was not realistic.

One other character in the story I did not like was Uncle George. Something about him was off and things did not add up. It’s obvious that he has a way with women because of the way he reacted when the Native American woman bite him on the arm, he responded by “Damn squaw” (Hemingway 73). From a woman 's view that is very disrespectful. I personally thought that the Native American woman didn’t intentionally bite him, because when you 're in pain, there are some things you do that you

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