Modernism And Its Impact On Art Essay

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Following the second World War, art broke out of the traditions and theology of academia severely. Unlike the previous generation of artists, post-war artists cut almost all ties with conceived notions of high art, and continually broke down barriers of what art is and should be about. Critics such as Clement Greenberg described this newly discovered onslaught of art ideology in his essay “Modernist Painting” in 1960, that stated art should be self critical and call attention to itself and the medium. In Greenberg’s words, “Modernism used art to call attention to art”. This idea was depicted throughout art following 1945, by many different artists, movements, and theologies that emerged from this idea of “Modernism”. Two artists, Wayne Thiebaud and James Rosenquist, exemplified this idea of modernism in painting that Greenberg would support, but accomplished this feat through two drastically different methods of painting which used very different imagery. By directly comparing two works by said artists, key differences artistic differences present themselves, but work to attain the same desired goal of referencing the essence of the painting medium. The first painting, Wayne Thiebaud’s Around the Cake (1962), demonstrates the self-critical ideals praised by Greenberg in numerous ways. The work itself, is a still-life of a white cake laid out in a radial pattern. While this subject matter of inanimate objects is traditional in nature, Thiebaud executed it in a very modern…

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