Essay on Modern Society 's View On Cigarettes And Smoking

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“There is a contract with every cigarette” I hear from my tv, as I catch the end of an Real Cost commercial while looking out of my window catching of my mom smoking a cigarette as she waters the flowers. Cigarettes have been around for generation. Just like everything else the old goes out and in comes the new. This has finally applied to cigarettes as modern technology found its replacement. Cigarettes are now being replaced by the new sensations of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. With technology making advances along side with the science and medical field, is the breakthrough with e-Cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) and vape pens (personal vaporizers) just as bad for the body as cigarettes or worse? Since the modern time period smoking cigarettes has been a major issue in society along with its notorious statistics.
According to The Real Cost as quoted by Dorling D., “A cigarette takes eleven minutes away from your life every time you smoke.” This quote helps explain modern society’s view on cigarettes and smoking. Research has provided society with the accurate knowledge on smoking and the causes and side effects. Even the media has put influences on smoking in the younger generation to get people to stop. Cigarettes are made with various chemicals, along with the leaves of the tobacco plant. The most common chemical that is found in cigarettes is Nicotine. Nicotine is addicting and “is contained in the tobacco plant” (Nicotine and Tobacco).…

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