Modern Society And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Modern society is stricken with many problems. Populations are divided and have developed a strong us-and-them mentality. Basic human rights are restricted and the pursuit of happiness for some, has been infringed upon. These current problems in society can be traced back to religion. Religion in modern society produces prejudice, creates unnecessary conflict, and inhibits self growth.
In today’s society, groups of people have been victims of prejudice. Whether it is gender roles, sexual orientation, or merely religious affiliation, religion certainly generates rifts. Going through our day to day lives, moral decisions arise and “our religion often determines the way in which we apply our ethics--for instance, it may determine our attitudes toward contraception, equality of the races or the sexes, and evolution” (Muller 544). With religion playing a strong role in how people make moral decisions, the religious education of that person, may often create prejudice. While religion does not necessarily advocate segregation or prejudice, it is “all too often [that] religious people have preferred to be right rather than compassionate. That have shielded themselves from the demands of empathy by making secondary and peripheral goals━such as theological correctness or sexual orthodoxy━central to their faith” (Armstrong 568). Because various religions denounce homosexuality and its practices, gay people often face burdensome prejudice in their day to day lives. These ideas…

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