United States Economy

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Economic- According to the text, the economy is the social institution that ensures that a society will be maintained through its production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Without the economy we would not have the distribution of goods, services, and resources. Our society would be in major trouble if the economy were to ever break down. However, the economy can be seen as a social problem in the United States. To begin, the United States’ economic system is concentrated on wealth and monopoly-like industries tend to form, which takes business from individuals. Corporate welfare is also a problem because assistance is given to industries and private corporations. Debt is another factor that makes the economy a social …show more content…
Religion allows individuals to unite with other individuals with the same religious outlook as them. It provides people with a way to form friendships and teaches culture. However, religion can be considered a social problem for many reasons. To begin, there are people who are not religious and then there are people who are. Each religion and the non-religious believe that their way of living is the right way and this can create problems in society whenever determining how something should be ran or what should be allowed. Non-believers are usually more lax, whereas people with religious beliefs are usually more conservative. For example, non-religious people are more likely to be for gay rights and religious people are less likely to be for gay rights. This is because religion is based on a set of rules and being gay is usually not accepted. Even different religions may have disagreements on how things should work. There are many different religions within the United States, all of which have different beliefs, concerns, and morals. For example, someone of the Jewish faith would say that people should not taint their bodies with pork, but a Christian would say that pork is fine to

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