Religion Vs Constitution

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Religion as a law or constitution is a daily controversial issue between a believer and a thinker. The believer argues that religion is accessible for any place and any time because it came from God. On the other side, the thinker articulates that religion is not manageable to build a society under the circumstances of developments and open minding concept that the human being has reached. Even though people are teachable and everyone can think for his/her own sake, some thing people gained from the surroundings without being taught by someone. Furthermore, These days some people live under threaten of racism and comparison because people are having luck of mind communicating, and most of the times their emotions are the ones who take control …show more content…
In addition, people wont apply it well because we are humans who still not perfect to act perfect. For example, politicians sometimes can lie in favor to reach the positions they have been aiming for. A wise man once said, “ Religion should not reach politics, it should only reach the politicians themselves ”. Politics have no religion, and when a secular person cries for separating the religion from politics because that this person does not want to see how politicians can use religion for their own goals. Moreover, these days’ people live in societies and hear immoral things about some religions, but should not religion be absolute right? Is not religion our path to God? People should sanctify their ideas not by using them for some goals because these ideas are the path to the …show more content…
Conversely, by pursuing religion as a law, people will establish to be afraid from the others, and what makes a human being afraid is what the human will hate. For example, when Bill Gates monopolizes the computer world, some people started to loathe his creation, and people were questioning his visionary even though he was one of the greatest geniuses who gave us the opportunity to write in Laptops. Thus, monopolizing people is against the civilization and the humanity itself; it can lead to a civil wars or even more than the human mind can imagine because applying some religion as a law is crossing others freedom and

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