Modern Slavery Vs. Traditional Slavery Essay

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Nischal Khatri
Honors 101-01: Literature of the Atlantic
Dr. Shannon
Dec. 2, 2014
Modern Slavery vs. Traditional Slavery
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about slavery? Isn’t it plantations in the American South and the slave ships? Do not people like Frederick Douglass and Olaudah Equiano come to your mind instantly? American South Plantations are such a vital part in the country’s history that it is very obvious that these things form a primary image in our brain. The extremely dehumanizing and brutal activities faced by slaves during the 18th and 19th century are hard to forget. However, traditional slavery is so fixed in our imagination that sometimes it makes other issues obscure. If you type “Slavery” into Google and look at the result of the images, you will find that almost all images are either of plantations in the American South or the slave ships. If you keep on scrolling down, you will gradually start noticing pictures mentioned as “modern slavery”. So, what is modern slavery? Is it somewhat similar to historical slavery and is it still prevalent today? The answer is “No”. Modern slavery is very different than slavery in the past. Modern day slavery is mainly rooted in many South Asian countries. In the US, slavery is only related to plantations in the past, but slavery has a different meaning in my country Nepal. Recently, I contacted my high school’s Social Studies teacher in Nepal to discuss about slavery. In the hope of…

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