Essay on Modern Politics And Modern Western Politics

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The Prince is most relevant to modern western politics if the sections about military strength are changed to economic influence. The political sphere has changed from a game of Battleship to a game of Monopoly. Rising to power is an arduous task, and in our current system, the key to securing power is financial influence. Modern leaders utilize economic warfare to secure global status. To make The Prince relative in modern politics, replace financial strength for military might, for in the battle between the almighty dollar and the a-bomb, money talks and everything else walks. Advice from Machiavelli relating to foreign aggressive measures is valuable information for anyone trying to run a nation in the modern world, but only if it is modified. When the references to financial influence are changed from brute military force, the advice becomes extremely relevant on the path to becoming a modern global power. If a leader wants to be a force on the modern world stage, he or she must have an influential voice. To secure an influential voice in the 21st century you need advertisement. Having financial repositories to dip into makes this process much easier. In Machiavelli’s time, this was true, but military power was was the important asset in rising to power, rather than financial power. This idea is illustrated through the influence of Super PACs in modern American Presidential elections. Candidates playing on the American battlefield for president, whether they like it…

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