Modern Policing Styles Of Australia Essay

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One of the well-documented ideas presented in research today is that police have a very distinct culture. When looking at definitions of police culture we see a few particular phrases that are most commonly frequent, these are the abuse of power, absence of culpability, discrimination of particular minority groups and internal solidarity (Terpstra, 2013). Looking at the modern policing styles of Australia we can recognize two distinct types; this is Community policing and Zero tolerance policing.

Zero tolerance VS Community Policing and Police Culture
Zero tolerance policing was an idea that came well known in New York City in the late 1990s (AIC). In his article ‘Zero Tolerance Policing’, Grabosky (1999) discusses this policing style and its role in New York City. We cannot look at his case studies in relation to Australia, as our circumstances are different. He does however define what Zero tolerance Policing is effectively. He states,

“To some, it connotes comprehensive, aggressive law enforcement with “no holds barred”. To others, it refers to a policing strategy which exists as part of a package of carefully designed approaches to combat the crime problems of a specific locality” (Grabosky, 1999)

If police were to adopt the method of Zero tolerance policing it means that they would be arresting people for petty crimes such as littering, graffiti, public drinking or urination and fare evasion of public transport. The idea that Grabosky (1999) discusses is that…

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