Essay on Modern Management & Cultural Intelligence

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Modern Management & Cultural Intelligence

Today is the global village prospering with globalisation. During this interactive communication age, it is critical for administrative managers to understand and accept a diversity of cultures and traditions for all the stake holders of different areas: staff, consumers, partners, rivals and local administration authority, as modern management concept. Utilizing cultural intelligence delicately can assist exploring endless resources, hidden in the social communication of the sophisticated nature of business.

As every individual is inherited with different education, experiences and culture, accompanied by advantages and divergence, it is only necessary to properly manage them. Leaders should
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Therefore, culture is assumed as a magnifier through which one manages to see the world. This is the focal point of description, illustrating how a person sees, how he or

she feels about the scene, how he or she realizes himself or herself. Cultural Intelligence will support one’s performance to be outstanding enough, persistent learning for personal development, constructive perspective for diversified cultural heritages, perceptions and values as well. However, one should realize carefully that everyone in his vicinity possess dissimilar cultural backgrounds and understandings. As a result, right expression as well as effective and efficient performance can be born through right thinking, which in turn is brought by right understanding. Today, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is evolved as a new intellectual area, linking different working environments and global progress, at large. Some view Cultural Intelligence with distinctive features of knowledge, arts, skills and behaviour together with hidden challenges: belief, value, perceptions, expectations, attitude and assumptions. Our cultural programming offers help to the above-mentioned valued realizations in choosing things regularly as natural.

When we take a careful look to root cause of majority of problems in communication, it is learnt that the cultural difference

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