Modern Family Film Analysis

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On September 22, 2009 the American broadcasting company introduced us to the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family when it premiered Modern Family for the first time. Filmed as a mockumentary style, the characters regularly talk into the camera. Patriarch Jay Pritchett (Ed O 'Neill) oversees the unusual family of misfit. Jay’s family includes his younger wife Gloria, daughter Claire and her husband Phil, sons Mitchell, Joe and step son Manny (Rico Rodriguez). Together these three families give us an accurate and often comical look into the sometimes sincere, sometimes warped view of the modern American family. Jay Pritchett is on the back side of middle age, sometimes gruff, tough talking, and sometime less then understanding father. After a miserable first marriage to wife DeDe, Jay married his second wife Gloria Delgado. Jay feels that Gloria is his prize for his unhappy first marriage. With his marriage to Gloria Jay’s been given a second chance. A beautiful Columbian, Gloria is twenty years younger, full of energy and passionate. Jay met Gloria at a restaurant and asked her out. Jay 's norm is to display toughness, which rubbed off on Claire but didn 't sit well with his gay son Mitchell. Mitchell still longs for Jay 's acceptance …show more content…
Mitchell is very tense and serious, even though he 'd like to be more fun. Mitchell knows Jay loves him but still fights to feel fully acknowledged, due to his homosexuality. Mitchell and his partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) are the fathers of Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons), a Vietnamese child that they adopted. Mitchell is a devoted, if not somewhat over protective, father and worries that he misses too much time with Lily because he is the main source of income. Cameron is a stay at home dad who is rather emotional and flamboyant. Cam wants to be liked and is quite social. He’s the counter-balance to Mitchell’s uptight and low keyed

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