Modern Education : The White Man 's Last Burden Essay

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With the occurrence of globalization, the methods and contents of modern education seems look like the same in the world no matter developed countries or developing countries. Also the debates about whether modern education is advantaged appears at the same time. Based on the schools in Ladakh (the north of Indian Himalayas), Carol Black’s “Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden (2010)” mainly focuses on the consideration of modern education from several different aspects: modern education loses the aspect of inner spiritual teachings and it does not teach the survival skills; modern schools like factories and students are the products; and the important role of “grade” in student’s heart causes mental illness. In this essay, I will focus on these three aspects to analyze modern education.

At the beginning of this documentary, some old ladies expressed their opinions that traditional education is aiming to teach the virtues (like kindness, compassion, and cooperation) and religion(how to live by the teaching of Buddha). But now, to the large extent, the education cares about the material success(Schooling the World, 2010, 00:05:40-00:05:56). “How Can I Make Money?” may become the main concern of students. Also in the documentary, they mentioned as for survival skills, the people who never go to schools have more knowledge than those students, they know how to build a house, grow food, raise cattle, etc(00:28:46-00:29:08). But students today learn more about the…

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