Modern Americans And The American Revolution Essay

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Modern Americans take pride in certain unalienable human rights as well as the ability to self-govern. The guiding principles of the United States would not be present without the efforts of colonial immigrants in the 18th century. While the colonies were originally created as means to support British mercantilism, over time the inhabitants of these colonies began to develop their own sense of nationality and ideas about how a governing body should run. After the French and Indian War, British parliament heightened control over the colonies, which clashed with the independent colonial operations across the Atlantic. While parliament’s original intent for legislation was to help pay the war debt, the increased resistance from the colonies created a seismic power struggle that eventually resulted in the American Revolution. At the end of the French and Indian War, parliament created laws that raised taxes on goods purchased by colonists. The first act implemented during the mid 1760s was the Sugar Act. The new law amended a previous tax, the Molasses Act, and reinforced its payment. The Sugar Act also created a judicial system stacked against the colonists in the cases of smuggling. A year later parliament introduced the Stamp Act and thereby placed a higher burden on the colonists. The Stamp Act stipulated that all paper goods used in the colonies required a paid stamp; otherwise, British officials would prosecute consumers. These economical changes were only the beginning…

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