Essay about Modern Americ Positive And Negative Impacts

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Work in modern America has its positive and negative impacts. Work in America has helped increase the United States economy and globalization. However, Work in modern America has also had its negative impacts in todays United States economy and American workers. Some of the positive impacts of work in modern America includes increase in service industry, high demands for labor workers, globalization, trade unions, mass production of modern technology, job opportunities due to the advancement of technology. The negative impacts of work in modern America includes low wages, minority inequalities, wage gap, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction, division of labor, unemployment rate and poverty. In America, service industry had a significant increase. Majority of the American workers work for a service sector. American workers of the service sector, provide their work to consumers by either selling the company‚Äôs goods or services. Service workers maybe employed, self-employed or employed by the government. (Hodson, R., Sullivan, T.A., 2012) Some of the examples of service industries are hospitality, restaurant, health care, financial institutions, social services, personal services and more. The increase of service industries helps the American economy grow and it also opens job opportunities to the American workers. When an organization decides to open a new business to serve its consumers, it helps the economy grow. Service industries helps the economy grow by providing…

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