Modern Agriculture And Farming Techniques Essays

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Modern agriculture and farming techniques have evolved rapidly during the last few decades. Improvements have been made, and are constantly being updated, in all facets of the agriculture industry. With the advent of more effective weed control, fertilizer, seeds, techniques, and strategies, agriculture has become a more streamlined, less wasteful enterprise. Waste and spillage have always had a negative effect on a farmer’s bottom line, but with advancing petrochemical (polypropelene) technology, more efficient methods of storage, transportation, and disposal, Super Sacks (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers-FIBC’s) Have Become an Important Part of Today’s Agriculture Industry. Here are some of the many ways that Super Sacks can improve the bottom line for today’s agriculture professional.

Super Sacks are Designed to Fit Your Requirements
Multiple Available Sizes
There are different sizes and load parameters available when considering a Super Sack. Normally a Super Sack will have a width between 45 and 48 inches ( which enables them to be be loaded side-by-side in a standard 96 inch wide semi trailer. With many different sizes available, the agricultural professional can maximize their storage or transportation requirements.

Tremendous Weight to Load ratio
Since they are considered “intermediate,” Super Sacks are designed for loads of up to 5000 pounds. Super Sacks weigh between 5 - 7 lbs per unit, therefore the amount of product which can be transported…

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